Hydrogel Blackcurrant 50g


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Quick Overview

Early in december

Discover our new line of high performance gels with deliciously subtle flavors. They hydrate so efficiently that you won’t need to drink a lot once the gel has been absorbed.


Composition :

Water, Brown Rice Syrup, Agave Syrup, Blackcurrant Juice Concentrate, Natural Jelling Agent (Carob Gum), Pink Himalayan Salt crystals, Citric Acid, Natural Flavoring.

  • Brown rice syrup and malted barley syrup have high glycemic indexes that provide an immediate boost of energy that is sought after in gels.
  • Agave syrup is packed with natural sugars and its low glycemic index (15) offers a slow release of energy.
  • Blackcurrants are an excellent source of vitamin C.
  • Himalayan salt crystals are packed with beneficiary trace minerals and electrolytes that help keep you hydrated. They also help in reducing the risk of cramping.

Informations :

Nutrition Facts:100gGel
Energy value kJ770385
Energy value kCal18492
Total fat (g)0,10
Saturated Fatty acids (g)00
Total Carbohydrate (g) 4522,5
Sugars (g)4120,5
Fiber (g)0,50,3
Protein (g)0,40,2
Salt (g)0.20.1


All Mulebar gels are made in the UK