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Would you like to try out Mulebar’s line and eventually choose your favorite flavor? Whether you love all of our flavors or you like to mix and match, this discovery pack is just for you!

In addition to offering a great dose of energy, Mulebar bars are delectable and offer an incomparable source of comfort. Your mental state is just as important as your physical state when doing exercise!


The Discovery Pack is made up of 9 energy bars (40g each):

  • Mango Tango : mmango, cashew nut
  • Hunza Nut : apricot kernel
  • Apple Strudel : apple, raisin, cinnamon
    [Available only in November, will replace with another flavor]
  • Piña Colada : pineapple, coconut, goji berries
  • Liquorice Allsports : licorice, fennel seed, coconut
  • Jimmy’s Chocolat Orange : chocolate, orange
  • Summer Pudding : raspberry, cranberry, blackcurrant
  • Peanut Punch : peanut, raspberry
  • Lemon Zinger : lemon, ginger
    [Available only in November, will replace with another flavor]

The ingredients found in each bar can be located on their respective product page.

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